Competence is the consequence of history, not improvisation.


We took our first steps more than thirty years ago, in 1984, when Elettro Tc was established.


A specialist company in fabricating technological, electrical and mechanical plants and systems. The idea of a group was still far in the future, but the commitment and desire to do things properly were the same then as now.

Sic and the idea of a group came afterwards.

Forming a group made it possible to diversify services and create not only an identity but also a team spirit, allowing us to follow a project in all its stages: bureaucratic management, design and engineering, fabrication and development of the systems and services, coordination of building work through to the installation and commissioning of every single element.

The strength of a Group.
The guarantee of experience.

Our story is continuing today also outside the national boundaries.

Elettro Tc and Sic have been joined by Sic Tim Industry – a company that carries out constructions and systems/installations in Rumania and neighbouring countries using Italian products and engineers/technicians to keep the level of quality high and our reputation intact.