A world of services at your complete service.



A turnkey service, from design to construction through to maintenance.


For us Contract work means just one thing: a complete service. A service which starts with the initial consultations regarding the land and ends with the final inspection and acceptance. Contract, however, also means having just one point of contact for seeing through a single project to the end and coordinating all the processes and operations involved.

Naturally every client has specific requirements, but the fact that we oversee and have a global vision of everything enables us to select and coordinate the most suitable engineers/technicians for each project. The result is bespoke solutions that interpret any requirement and answer the technological needs of any structure, whether corporate, commercial or residential. It is thanks to this way of working and thinking that we have been entrusted with increasingly more important undertakings and have been chosen by prestigious companies even outside Italy.

Electrical systems

The sector in which we first specialised more than thirty years ago and have developed in-depth knowledge.

Ever since the eighties we have been working with substations, the supply and installation of voltage regulator-control panels, auxiliary control systems plus the forced ventilation of spaces. Backed up by our years of experience there is no request that we cannot interpret and no problem that we cannot solve.

Over the years we have obviously carried out all types of work in all sorts of settings. What we have always guaranteed is the continuity and certainty of plant operation in addition to the expertise that only those who have been engaged in this work for over three decades can offer.



We provide automation for every sphere and we manage every stage of production.


A technical office and a workshop are totally dedicated to the construction of electrical panels/switchgear for complex industrial machinery and systems, which need management, controls, safety and protection on the single circuits. The very fact that all the creative work is done in-house, from the design to the software, is an added safety feature in a sector where precision and reliability are a must.

Then again we are talking about the heart of a production plant because it is these systems that, through software and actuators, manage the simplest up to the most complex of machining operations.

Electrical power panels

Our technical office and dedicated workshop create electrical panels and switchgear for all requirements.

The experience we have acquired over the years allows us to fully understand every request and respond precisely to all needs. In fact, we make electrical panels to protect various section switchboards and user positions coordinated upstream and downstream with selective equipment and usually fitted with control and fault detection circuits. We also provide MV/LV transformer systems with medium voltage switchgear, transformers and finishing accessories. Lastly, the power systems also include back-up systems, such as generating sets, contactors and UPS.

The real advantage is that we manage it all, since the design and the production are followed directly by our technical office and our dedicated workshop, meaning that everything is under our control.


Mechanical services

We create mechanical systems for every type of client to guarantee an all-round service.


The scope of our work is completed by mechanical services with which we seamlessly integrate other sectors. We supply fire-fighting systems with pressurisation units, sprinkler systems, hydrants and mechanical services for the distribution of domestic water and hot or cold liquids.

For an even more global service, we also provide complete recirculated air systems for very large shopping centres or malls with ATU or rooftop units for air conditioning the spaces.

Telecommunications and networking

A constantly evolving sector in which our experience is a benchmark.

It is by now increasingly more important to provide buildings with telephone and data transmission systems and tools, taking into account that such a technological sphere sees very fast changes. Having expert technicians and designers to hand is therefore indispensable in the quest to find creative yet truly reliable solutions.

The expertise that we have acquired over the years is essential in such a sector. Thanks to our work for important public structures and industrial or commercial firms, today we handle independently every type of installation, bringing into play all our knowledge and expertise.



The convenience of having everything under control in real time.


Today’s new technologies are an essential ally and can truly simplify work.

To exploit these innovations to the full, we create complete systems for managing and controlling home and industrial automation devices through PC, touch screen, tablet and smartphone. It is therefore possible to detect the presence of smoke/fumes, manage the house automation system – in other words lighting, heating, gates and energy saving in respect of loads – and check for break-ins without being physically on the spot.

Acquired experience and knowledge also enables us to act within the security sphere and in fact we develop CCTV and intrusion-detection systems, which can be remote-controlled and immediately warn of any abnormality. All it needs is a smartphone to keep everything conveniently under control at the touch of a button.


The relationship continues even after completion of the project.

We work alongside our clients even after the project has been handed over, helping them to obtain the best from their plants and systems. Our engineers and technicians are ready to help twenty-four hours a day and are kept constantly up to date so that they may operate successfully, whatever the sector, whether electrical, fire-fighting, telephonic or mechanical.

It is a precise corporate policy to be a true partner. The idea is to build up a lasting relationship with the client, based on production certainty as well as prompt assistance so that problems quickly become solutions.