3 companies, one Group and the same vision at all times.



Sic is the parent company of the Group and it stands for Società di Ingegneria e Costruzione (Engineering and Construction Company), aptly describing the work it is engaged in: acting as Main or General Contractor within the construction sphere.

It is the company, which, through the Group companies and selected suppliers, obtains all the necessary official permits for any work, ranging from the design to installation and completion. This is the company which deals with the public and private bodies and institutions involved in the project until the constructed building has been given the certificate of occupancy.


This was the first company in the Group to be established back in 1984 under the original name Elettro 84. It has been successfully designing and developing technological, electrical and mechanical plants and systems for more than thirty years.

It is also engaged in industrial automation, air-conditioning and air-treatment systems, plumbing facilities, security systems, telephone and data systems with First Level qualification.


This company is fully owned by Elettro Tc, but operates on the Rumanian market and in nearby countries.

It therefore also creates technological systems and, although operating in foreign markets, works with the same engineers/technicians as the parent company, using Italian products to guarantee the same outstanding level of quality even outside the national boundaries.

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